Borne Bare Email Newsletter: Bare It All

When I first became a mother, I didn't have a clue how to do anything. Any new mom can agree that you instantly become an expert and a total newb at all things related to keeping baby alive. I found myself subscribing to a myriad of newsletters related to motherhood like Pregnant Chicken and Motherly and love them even today!
Since going back to work, I've subscribed to even more to learn as much as I can about self help, religion, fashion trends, and book clubs to name a few.
I want to spread the wealth with what I'm learning around the internet, culling through the useless and sharing the useful (and funny) with you. This newsletter is specifically designed for moms of small children who either work a full time job, own their own business, or desire to grow personally -- all while staying on top of what's trending around parenthood and fashion.
Want to jump in on the fun?