About Me


Borne Bare Owner - Mia Osborne - with family

My daughter's bald-as-ever head entered this world first, and I have been playing catch-up ever since to find a solution to keep her head warm and protected from the sun, that was still my style. Yes, I care about that! And you do too, which is why you are here. After searching for weeks I resolved to make my own, and Borne Bare was, well...born.

This company is my pursuit to freedom for my family. It is also my personal challenge to find a sustainable way to produce these goods so you can feel good about every single purchase. It's important to me that nothing ends up in the landfill, and is created from high quality materials. I make each bonnet by hand in my studio, and with a background in apparel technical design/fitting, I know a thing or two about quality.

Borne Bare's name stems from my last name (Osborne) and from the idea that babies often are born bald, but they don't have to stay that way! It's our job as Mamas to protect them, and that's where Borne Bare's bonnets come into play.

In addition, this is my platform to encourage you, Mama, by sharing my struggles and wins as I navigate this thing called motherhood. Care to hear more? Sign up for my [sometimes] weekly emails

You Belong Here.

XO Mia