5 Mama-Approved Ways To Wear A Scrunchy (And Pull It Off)

5 Mama-Approved Ways To Wear A Scrunchy (And Pull It Off) - by Borne Bare learn more at bornebarebaby.com


When you're a Mom, you have a lot of things to juggle in a day already. Don't let your hair become a to-do and more of an "I get to-do!". Use these 5 tips for using a scrunchy to get some inspiration and, as always, keep it practical so you're spending less time getting ready, and more time with your kids.

1. The Unicorn Pineapple

So you take a shower and curl your hair for the day and it looks GREAT. Girl, you nailed it. But evening rolls around and you know that if you roll around on those curls half of them will be gone. What is a pineapple? It is a ponytail at the tippy top of the head so that it spills out in every direction like the top of a pineapple. I know, it sure is cute on toddlers, but on a grown woman? Debatable, but that’s why it’s for bedtime. Unless you care about how you look in your dreams, you’ll be fine. The only difference between this method and your toddler’s look? Place this pineapple at the very edge of your center front hairline, unicorn style. Make that horn “pierce the sky” and enjoy your curls one day longer.

2. The Sideswept Ponytail

This style doesn't get a lot of hype, but it is so much nicer for your hair than the high and tight ponytails. Part your hair on one side and move your hair to the opposite shoulder. Tie the scrunchy around twice for a secure, but not too tight pony. Secure any loose hairs with bobby pins, but if your hair is long enough you can pull this off without the help. Use this pony to make your outfit more laid back and “effortless”.

3. The Underused Low Bun

This bun is more versatile for the working mom. It provides a casual lean for days off but still reads “tidy” and “collected” for a day full of meetings. It’s as simple as it sounds: gather those locks just above the base of your center back neck and secure with a hairband. Tie the scrunchy around once or twice, for a pop of color. Wham Bam, thank you ma'am.

4. The Overused High Bun

Everyone does this number different, some like it messy, some like it smooth. Whatever is your jam (and works with your hair type) secure it higher up on your crown. Use a hair tie first for a more secure hold or with the scrunchy for a messier look. Sometimes having room to have it loosen throughout the day has a Goldilocks affect -- juuuust right.

5. The Keychain

The wrist has some valuable commercial space for hair accessories. Why not take advantage? As Mamas, we are masters at holding many things at once: babies, groceries, keys, phone. Now try to juggle that while sprinting to your car in the pouring rain. You will thank yourself later to have them secured in such a handy spot that’s impossible to drop.

Any Mama with a bazillion other things to do other than fix her hair all day can use one of these ways in her day-to-day. BONUS: now we can all lose that dreaded ponytail crimp from your teenybopper hair ties and replace your stash with these scrunchies instead!

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